Forming a company


Written by Ray Coman


There are few restrictions on forming a company. The name you select should not already be in use, although the names of dissolved companies are available. Companies House may disallow names which are too similar to names already on the register. By way of example, annexing an existing name with a Companies House disregarded word, such as UK, or, is likely to be automatically rejected.

Even where your name is accepted by Companies House, it may still be subject to a civil action if a company with a similar name makes the claim that you are passing yourself off as them, and hence effectively abstracting their goodwill.

The registrar restricts the use of sensitive words:


  • Your company should be part of a group of companies for the word group to be used in its name.
  • The registrar requires supporting documentation for using architect in a company name.
  • Prior approval from the FSA would be necessary to use the word bank.
  • Companies House will require supporting evidence if you choose to use International.

The above list is not exhaustive, and we would be pleased to assist with your application to form a company where necessary.

A company is required to have one director, one shareholder with a minimum of one share, a registered office and service address. The director and shareholder can be the same person and the registered office and service address could be at the director's home. A Companies House online filing fee of £14 applies.

The preparation of the application is not necessarily a specialist task in every case, however a suitable professional can assist with avoiding pitfalls and saving time.

With our company formation service, the relevant information for forming the company is stored in our database for other compliance purposes, which can save time and help reduce the on-going possibility for errors and omissions.

Our registered office facility, combined with our reminder service reduces the possibility of lateness. Coman & Co is on the register of data controllers and we do not pass the details of clients to marketing agencies or other third parties. An accountant who also acts as formation agent would be well placed to assist with registration with HMRC for corporation tax, self-assessment, PAYE and VAT if necessary.

We would be pleased to help with company formations, the related tax registrations, opening a bank account and resolving your queries regarding starting to trade.

Please contact us for an appointment to discuss your proposed company.

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