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We offer a cost-effective and efficient service for forming a company. With your chosen company name, we can prepare the suitable application using professional software. Once you have approved the application through our secure online facility, we can file the document electronically and it is typically accepted by Companies House the same day. We have a Companies House Credit Account to settle the filing fees on your behalf. If all goes well, we can form a company for you in one day.


The information which we have stored on our software database is available for producing annual returns and accounts, saving time and duplication.


In addition to forming the company, we can:


  • Register the company for corporation tax,
  • Advise on forming a dormant company, for instance to protect a name or in readiness for potential business.
  • Advise on timing of incorporation, having regard to any tax and year end concerns.
  • Register the business for VAT, and any appropriate schemes, if suitable
  • Register the company as an employer, if applicable
  • Correspond with the bank regarding opening a company bank account
  • Be appointed as your tax agent, to deal with HMRC on your behalf.
  • Provide a registered office
  • Agree a suitable share structure.
  • Act as company secretary


If you require accounting services for a new company, keep it all in one place.  We offer this service in the hope that you will become a valued, long term client.  Please call or email and we would be pleased to assist.

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