Estate Planning


Written by Ray Coman


Estate_PlanningWithout careful planning you risk leaving your loved ones with a large inheritance tax bill rather than the financial security you want for them. In particular, with property price increases, you may leave those behind having to sell the family home to pay for your inheritance tax. The earlier you arrange matters, the more chance you have of using the available exemptions and allowances to reduce your inheritance tax liability.


We can help with the following aspects of estate planning:


  • Lifetime transfers at nil or lower rates of tax
  • Gifts of business property, such as shares in the family business, or on the AIM market
  • The transfer of assets into a trust
  • Gifts of agricultural property which are tax exempt
  • Transfers between spouses that escape inheritance tax
  • The tax efficiency of your will
  • Life insurance written into trust and therefore not liable to inheritance tax.


We will work with you to understand your family situation, so that we can give you impartial advice on all the tax aspects of passing on your wealth. 


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