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Written by Ray Coman


Payroll consultancyFor small business owners seeking to expand their workforce, we offer tailored tax advice on the implications of becoming an employer.  This is fully supported by our payroll service.  Hiring a contractor will sidestep the burdens of employment law, employers’ national insurance and other tax regulation.  We can advise on the whether a worker would be employed or self-employed, an area under increasing HMRC scrutiny following IR35.  The decision to hire staff often stems from a continuous demand, which can only be suitably satisfied by a stable and committed workforce.  Employees are a common feature of restaurants, retailers and other high street outlets where the business model depends on volume of sales.  We support our clients with experience in the minefield of PAYE regulation with a timely and accurate payroll service.   We also offer advice to employers on:



As an initial step, the employer is required to register as an employer and run a payroll.  This can even become a requirement for the hire of domestic help, such as a cleaner, cook or a gardener.  We would be pleased to work as payroll consultant.  We have a robust system for clients that prefer to outsource the function.  However, our service is scalable and if our clients prefer to carry payroll out in-house, we assist with the selection of software and providing ongoing guidance and support on employment related taxation.


Please contact us if you would like to discuss any aspect of staff remuneration including payroll management.

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