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Tax Return serviceComan & Co prepare Tax Returns.  We provide tax advice as well, but our work centres on preparing and filing documents for HMRC.  The following page provides a list of our fixed prices.  We take pride in doing a good job by listening to and responding to the needs of our customers.

Find out if a Tax Return is required

Filing a Tax Return without the assistance of an accountant

Hiring a Tax Return accountant

Our Tax Return service

Tax work covered


Find out if a Tax Return is required


Roughly 12 million people in the UK file a Tax Return.  Each year, a person has the responsibility for finding out whether he or she has a requirement.  Simply because HMRC have not sent someone a notice to file does not mean that person did not have to file.  The preparation of a Tax Return is referred to as a self-assessment.  It is up to the individual to submit a correct and complete that Return by the deadline. Late filing, late payment penalties and interest can apply.  A higher penalty is issued for inaccuracies or omissions.


Filing a Tax Return without the assistance of an accountant


Tax Return serviceIt is not necessary to use an accountant to file a Tax Return.  People come to us either because it has got tricky and/or they do not have the time.  They receive a reassurance that it will be professionally done.  Nothing that is included on a Tax Return is beyond us.  However, if is an existing or potential customer prefers to do it themselves, we can offer guidance.  Regardless, we encourage people to create an HMRC personal tax account.  This is done with a government gateway login and enrolling for self-assessment online.  The account would allow a taxpayer to view a history of filings, payments and liabilities.  For our clients, the personal tax account could be used as a confirmation of our advice.


Hiring a Tax Return accountant


It can get complicated and many people get an accountant to do theirs for them.  It removes the hassle and time factor.  It is the job of a tax adviser to identify legitimate methods for minimising tax, and so there is the reassurance that tax is as low as possible, and the negative outcome of any HMRC enquiry is minimised.


Our Tax Return service


For a Tax return query, simple or complex, we can assist. As Chartered Tax Advisers we can:


  • Apply experience gained over 10,000 Tax Returns and wide knowledge to minimise our client’s tax liability
  • Prepare each Tax Return using high standard, up to date software
  • Calculate the tax and let our client know what to pay and when
  • Remind clients of when to file forms.
  • Keep back-up copies of accounting records.
  • Provide a secure document exchange for uploading files and approving the Tax Return online.  Post is used only in cases where online methods are not possible.
  • Review tax liability and filing history online and update the client on discrepancies.
  • Act as tax agent, to deal directly with HMRC and resolve issues on behalf of the client.
  • Respond to queries throughout the year.
  • Advise on the best way to minimise form filling, including coming out of self-assessment.


Tax work covered


As tax specialists, we can advise individuals and businesses on issues relating to capital gains and income from:



We have solid expertise in this area and can advise on what needs to be done and the ways in which we can help. Please contact us for a discussion.


#4 Ray Coman, FCCA, CTA 2020-12-24 13:32
Dear Virginie,

I advise that UN income is often exempt from income tax. It depends what kind of contract you have with the UN, but if your payslip shows no tax, this is a pretty sure indicator. Provided your only income is from employment and less than £100,000 per annum you do not need to file a Tax Return. Any underpayments or overpayments of tax are addressed by HMRC. You are liable to UK tax on your UK employment earnings even if not resident. It is unlikely that you will be able to claim the cost of travel, unless you have a fixed term contract of less than 24 months with the UN. When you leave the UK you should complete a form P85. You can file a Tax Return even if you do not have to. In that case you would complete the residency questionnaire and indicate that you are claiming the split year treatment (this is instead of completing from P85.) I can assist with the requirement to file a Tax Return should you need further assistance.
#3 Virginie Fayolle 2020-12-23 17:23
Hi there,

I am a UK resident, who recently started to work for a non-UK employer. Before that, I was employed by a UK employer and paid Income Tax through PAYE. My new non-UK employer is the United Nations, which implies I benefit from income exemption from the UK government. I am currently telecommuting from the UK because of COVID, but with the intention to relocate to Kenya when the travel situation allows. To date, it is unclear when.

I'd like your guidance on the tax implications with this.

Best regards,

#2 Ray Coman, FCCA, CTA 2020-12-20 00:11
Dear Shannon,

As a UK resident you are liable to income tax on any rental profits and to capital gains tax on any gains on disposal. You would probably be liable to inheritance tax if still resident on your death. You need to file a UK Tax Return each year.

Any Irish tax suffered on the income would be available as a credit to reduce equivalent UK tax.
#1 Shannon Procter 2020-12-17 12:27
Hi there,

I am a UK resident looking to buy a rental property in Ireland. I was wanted to know if there are any potential tax implications with this?

Kind Regards

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