Payroll consultancy


Written by Ray Coman


If you hire staff, you will normally be required to register as an employer and run a payroll. This can even be the case if you privately employ a domestic help, such as a cleaner, cook or a gardener.


We also offer advice to employers on:


  • Saving tax using salary sacrifice schemes
  • Tax free employee benefits and share incentive schemes
  • National insurance savings on bonus payments
  • Remuneration planning for directors
  • Reduced compliance for students and part-time employees
  • Exemptions from completing additional forms for expense payments
  • Quarterly payroll systems, if your PAYE levels are low.
  • Whether people you hire are employed or self-employed
  • Consultation following a PAYE audit from HMRC.


We would be happy to work as your payroll consultant: helping you select the appropriate software and providing tailored advice on employment related taxation.


Please contact us if you would like to discuss any aspect of staff remuneration including payroll management.

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