November 2017 Budget


Written by Ray Coman


The 2017 Budget was delivered in the context of slowing economic growth.


The main headline from the Budget came from a reduction in stamp duty for first time buyers. For the purchases under £300,000 which is reckoned to apply to about 80% of buyers there will be no duty to pay. For homes worth between £300 thousand and half a million, there will be no tax on the first £300,000. First time buyers purchasing a home worth over £500,000 will pay stamp duty at the normal rate. The rules take effect immediately.


Various rates increased with effect from April 2018. The personal allowance is up to £11,850, higher rate tax threshold to £34,500, capital gains tax exemption to £11,700 and national living wage to £7.50 per hour. Until 31 March 2020, the VAT registration threshold of £85,000 is to be frozen.


The government intends to make the granting of certain licenses conditional upon proof of tax registration. This is to tackle the so call ‘hidden economy.’


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